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These links are listed in alphabetical order.  To search by state, use CNTRL- F.  Each link will open in a new page.  To add your link, send us an e-mail. We do ask for a reciprocal link, if possible.


Betty Alofs

Kathy Alyce  (Plainfield, VT)

Charlotte Warr Andersen (Taylorsville, UT)

Julie Baird

Marilyn Belford

Carol Betts

Sandi Blackwell (Wheeling, WV)

Jane Blair (Wyomissing, PA)

Sandy Bonsib

Georgia Bonesteel 

Debbie Bowles

Karen Kay Buckley

Cindy Brick

Debbie Caffrey

Linda Carlson

Hollis Chatelain

Rachel Clark

Barbara Cline

Karen Combs

Dee Conlon

Melody Crust

Jaimie Davis

Mimi Dietrich

Kris Driessen (Schenectady, NY)

Nancy Eha, The Beading Queen

Robbie Eklow

Cynthia England

Carol Bryer Fallert

Kim Schrader Fauth

Aniko Feher

Cary Flanagan

Flavin Glover

Denise Green
certified Judy Niemeyer instructor

Gloria Hansen

Pat Harrison

Patti Hempen

Brenda Henning (Anchorage, AK)

Deb Karasick (Durham, NC)

Diane Knott

Alice Kolb (Fredericksburg, TX)

Jan Krentz 

Mickey Lawler (W Hartford, CT)

Eleanor Levie (Philadelphia, PA)

Nancy Mahoney (Sparta, GA)

Therese May (San Jose, CA)

Dixie Mcbride  (Eureka, CA)

Bonnie McCaffery

Marsha McCloskey

Janet Mednick

Francine Miller

Margaret Miller 

Sara Miller-Moe

Jo Morton 

Paula Nadelstern 

Betty New

Suzie Parron

Vikki Pignatelli

Linda Poole

Bethany Reynolds

Jackie Robinson

Sally schneider

Anita Shackelford

Joan Shay

Ami Simms

Cindy Simms

Fran Snay

Mary Sorensen

Dawn Stapinksi

Karen K Stone 

Lorraine Torrence 

Marylou Weidman

Cathy Wierzbicki

Catherine Wilson 

Kaye Wood

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